• Product Launches

    Amber Lakes is a great venue for a product launch for two main reasons – the venue is completely exclusive and extremely flexible. Tell us about your product and we will design a programme that works for you to showcase your brand, business or product. When you hire Amber Lakes the site is yours and you can adapt the space so that it fits perfectly for your needs.

    Due to the luxury nature of the space we appeal to fashion brands and high end businesses and the outdoor space works well for brands wishing to maximise the outdoor space and the feeling of exclusivity.

    In the past we have accommodated big brand such as Honda. Honda came to us to host a 3 day product launch for 100 people. Their aim was to showcase the full range of products from lawnmowers through to cars and boats. The site was just perfect for them, the lawns became a canvas for the products, the lakes housed the boats and their Honda engines and the cars had ample space to be showcased. This is just one example, we can accommodate fashion brands, business ventures, retail and tech – as we said we’re very flexible.

    The Honda event is a great example of how the site can be utilised perfectly and adapted to a brand. There is ample outdoor space which can be used for brand activations, product demonstrations and performances whilst the inside space provides a luxury area to host presentations, display products and communicate to press and customers.

    All catering can be adapted to fit your brand. Tell us about your brand values, your colours and your ethos and we can design a menu that fits perfectly. From dishes using organic, sugar, wheat and dairy free ingredients for a health food brand through to bespoke, personalised and unique biscuits and desserts for a fashion line – we’ve produced it all and will happily design a bespoke menu for your brand.