• Land-based activities

    We are very lucky to have a lot of space at Amber Lakes and can host several activities simultaneously. Through your brief our events team can learn more about what you and your guests are like and what you would like to achieve so we can then work with you to suggest options that will both fit within the space and appeal to your audience.

    The most popular activities are as follows:

    This skill-based activity works well on the lawns. Starting with an initial briefing, guests are then given their bows and arches and allowed to take fire and aim for the bullseye. Throughout the challenge points can be kept giving an ultimate winner for an extra competitive edge.

    Segway challenges
    This is a fun activity for our Upper Lawns. The Segways are all lined up and the group is split into teams. Challenges such as time challenges, races, skills tests and speed tests are laid out and explained and each team member must complete these fun challenges to the best of their ability.

    Garden Games
    The calm of the site lends itself well to using the lawns for gentle activities such as croquet and garden games. We can also provide giant versions of popular games such as Chess, Jenga, Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders.

    Inflatable games
    Due to the size of the lawns, larger inflatable games can be played. Popular options are inflatable football or Knock Out Challenges. We can also provide Bootcamp challenges, Climbing Walls and Simulators.

    Funfair stalls
    From Hook a Duck through to Tin Can Alley we have a number of popular and retro games that work well at events.

    Indoor activities
    We can also provide a number of indoor activities such as arcade games, casino tables, photo-booths and floor based challenges.