• Treasure Hunts

    Treasure hunts on site at Amber Lakes are one of our most popular activities. They are great for teambuilding as they’re challenging, involve working together to solve cryptic clues and have a competitive edge to them. Your group is initially split into smaller team of around five people, each team must give themselves a name. We can provide branded and coloured t-shirts to add to the competitive spirit!

    The challenge starts with a briefing which involves using facts and the history about the site, being the location of the signing of the Magna Carta and having previously held the British record for carp this site holds much history. Clients will need to solve a map challenge and identify areas within Amber Lakes. This challenge in itself is a race and the first team to complete this wins bonus points. Following this challenge the teams make their way outdoors to complete each section of their treasure hunt. The whole hunt is timed and points are deducted for those who arrive back to the finish point after the allotted time.

    Challenges involve using the transport available on site whether that’s buggies to navigate around perimeter of the site or boats to explore the lakes. The site is 450 acres and can be reached using the buggies and on foot providing ample opportunities for exploring. The boats on site include motorboats, rowboats and kayaks and can be used to travel to the many small islands to collect clues and spot answers that can only be seen from the water. For any guests that don’t wish to go on the water, the treasure hunt also includes cryptic challenges that can be completed from dry land.

    Once all the answers have been completed guests make their way to the finish point and hand in their answers reading for marking. The winning team is the team with the highest score from the challenges around the site. We can provide prizes for the winners and novelty prizes for the losers. A great, adrenaline filled, outdoor activity to make full use of the site and to appreciate the nature and serenity of the space.