• Water-based activities

    The Lodge at Amber Lakes is surrounded by lake, as far as the eye can see and with a site so big, that’s exclusively yours for the day, why not take advantage of the open water and host your activities here. Moving to the water is not for the faint hearted as there is a chance of your teams getting wet, however the high energy nature coupled with the closeness with nature allows for an unforgettable experience.

    We have a range of activities that work well on the water but the most popular are as follows:

    Dragon Boat Racing
    This competitive, adrenaline filled racing challenge involves your group being split into several smaller teams who then have the chance to practise on the river before competing in races in a heat format to determine an overall winner. This is only available during the summer months.

    Raft building
    This traditional team-building challenge is based on solving cryptic clues in order to win parts of the raft equipment that allow teams to start building. The challenge then becomes much more logistical and team members have to work well together to design the most buoyant raft in order to sail across the lake to victory.